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In fuel oil for boiler rooms

There is a continuous accumulation of worn splints, basically with a metal cord, and only about 20 % from the whole is processed. Worn splints represent the most large-capacity production of the waste products containing polymer which practically have not been the subject to natural decomposition. That is why the thorough revision and secondary use of the splints which have left operation have the important economic and ecological value.

Splints represent valuable polymeric raw material: about 700 kg of gum which can be reutilized for manufacture of fuel, industrial rubber goods and materials of building destinations is contained in 1 ton of splints. At the same time at combustion of 1 ton of worn splints 270 kg of carbon black and 450 kg of noxious gases are secreted in an atmosphere.

The highest level of a thorough revision of worn splints reached in Japan (99 %) and Germany (88,4 %). In countries CIS the thorough revision of worn splints is on a low level owing to absence of intrinsically safe equipment for their thorough revision.

Recently waste products of solid organic materials, including worn tyres (covers), draw attention as a potential source of obtaining of an oil stock and fuel more and more.


last update: 29 January 2009